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Safety made beautiful!

Enhance object visibility with RheoLight Crystal Glass Pigments. Using our RheoLight Dispersions to develop new colors, you can create sensor-friendly and beautiful color shades for every industrial application.

After years of research, we proudly announce that Ink Invent has achieved the impossible: the world’s first 1-10 micron Crystal Glass Pigments provided as ready-to-use dispersions for incorporation into existing paints and coatings, further completing the RheoLight™ product portfolio. RheoLight’s Crystal Glass Effect Pigments are a masterpiece in optical brilliance. Like diamonds, they refract light with ever-changing reflections,

Introducing RheoLight

A CES Innovation Award-winning & Patented portfolio of the world’s first Crystal Glass Effect Pigments set new standards in Traffic Safety & Design Freedom levels, facilitating the Safe deployment of EVs and Autonomous Driving solutions—the World’s first commercially viable and industrial applicable solution for enhancing the visibility of 3D objects.

Now you see me!

Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) can enjoy the benefit of increased visibility using RheoLight in your color coatings.

With the creation of our Crystal Glass Pigments, RheoLight defines a new class of effect pigments as the foundation of its Tunable Detection & Determination (TDD®) Technology. This technology allows for enhanced visibility of objects for Computer Vision, LiDAR, and the human eye, enabling improved accuracy and response times in traffic environments.


Celebrating Our Milestones

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