Who we are

Ink Invent is an innovative effect pigment manufacturer founded in 2018 and based in The Netherlands. As a privately owned company, Ink Invent specializes in developing RheoLight Crystal Glass Pigments for the functional utilization of colors and creating luxurious and dynamic light color shades.

Redefining Color Technology

At Ink Invent BV, we are dedicated to creating a safer and more beautiful world through our innovative product portfolio, RheoLight. As the inventor and manufacturer of the novel class of Crystal Glass Effect Pigments, we revolutionize the industry with the unique ability to refract light in a way that no existing effect pigments can.

Introducing RheoLight

A CES Innovation Award-winning & Patented portfolio of the world’s first Crystal Glass Effect Pigments set new standards in Traffic Safety & Design Freedom levels, facilitating the Safe deployment of EVs and Autonomous Driving solutions—the World’s first commercially viable and industrial applicable solution for enhancing the visibility of 3D objects.

RheoLight for the world

At Ink Invent, our mission and vision are deeply intertwined with the essence of innovation and functionality.


Our mission is to provide the RheoLight Effect to the world by developing, manufacturing, and selling our RheoLight Products and associated implementation services to make everybody’s world safer and more colorful.


Combining safety and beauty, RheoLight revolutionizes the color landscape and will become the industry standard for the functionalization of colors, providing enhanced visibility, increased safety, and improved heat management, especially within the mobility industry.

Innovation for Beauty and Increased Visibility

We offer a universal platform technology that empowers designers and formulators in every industry to create limitless design and color formulations. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of color possibilities, facilitating the development of new color trends, and delivering captivating visual experiences.
As a company, we take pride in driving traffic environment safety innovation. Our product portfolio, RheoLight, improves visibility for both humans and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) like LiDAR and Computer Vision. It achieves this by enhancing the visibility of objects, which is crucial for reducing response times during emergency braking and collision avoidance.
Ink Invent is committed to providing exceptional product development and customer support services. Our RheoLight ColorLab Academy provides customized programs enabling designers and brand managers to create unique RheoLight color shades. We believe dreams can come true with curiosity, advanced technology, and a love for color.

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